Final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend: Keg Brawling, Brisban Wildlands, Asura, Sylvari

Guild Wars 2 Keg Toss Mini Game

The final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend kicks off June 20, and ArenaNet is rolling out the features with almost a month to go before full release.

The final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend happens this Friday, ending Sunday, and ArenaNet is building the hype

I’m pretty sad, because this weekend – June 20-22 – marks the final Guild Wars beta weekend. While that’s sad, there’s a silver lining – or two, in this case – to every cloud: there’s a whole lot of content, and we’re just over a month from release.

#1: Asura, Sylvari Playable

The Asura Class:
Asura Class Playable

The Sylvari:

Yep, the most coveted races in Guild Wars are finally becoming available after being locked out in all previous pre-purchase and press beta weekends. Asura are a super small gnome-esque race, but are incredibly smart, while the Sylvari are a new race to the Guild Wars world and are a tree race. They don’t reproduce; instead, they’re spawned from a tree. Curious to learn, it’s hardly surprising for someone to suggest this will be the race most people explore this weekend.

#2: New Map, Brisban Wildlands


ArenaNet is introducing a new map into the beta weekend for characters level 17-20. ArenaNet describes it as a remote jungle adjacent to asura, sylvari and human areas. The area is becoming populated by criminals, which you – and others races including sylvari – aim to stop. What’s great about Guild Wars 2 is that these situations will probably be reflected through dynamic events, so it’s not just narrative added to bring context to the area.

Mini-Games Debut!

#3: Keg Brawling

Guild Wars 2 Keg Toss Mini Game

Keg Brawling is pretty self explanatory: Norn chuck beer kegs at each other, an event I saw happening during the first pre-purchase beta weekend – when I played as norn – but couldn’t participate in to my knowledge. The aim is to get control of the keg; players can fight with each other to gain control.

#4: New Player vs Players Map – Legacy of the Foefire

Foefire Map

A new PvP map, Legacy of the Forefire draws on environments from the original Guild Wars that will be familiar to players of the game according to ArenaNet. Aside from the nostalgia, the map is regular Players vs Player: teams aim to capture and control three points.


Published: Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 Last Modified: July 18, 2012

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