Final Five Candidates For Microsoft CEO Narrowed

A report came out on Tuesday surrounding the future of Microsoft’s decision for their next CEO, and it appears that the next CEO choice has been narrowed down to five. The decision to find the next Steve Ballmer is a very important one, and one that the board will choose wisely.

The narrow decision according to the Reuters article released, states that five final candidates have been chosen for the CEO role at Microsoft. The decision of course is vital for Microsoft, its investors, its board, and the multi billion dollar company that is shaping the future.

Alan Mulally Seen As Possible Next CEO At Microsoft

From 40 To 5

The original list of CEO candidates for Microsoft started at around 40 names according to reports, and included a number of internal candidates and external candidates. By narrowing the names to Alan Mulally, Stephen Elio, Tony Bates, Satya Nadella, and another unnamed person, the company can shape its future.

The list of names who are on the short list are leaders of industry from being the head of Ford Motor Co, Nokia, and Microsoft’s own cloud management and enterprise chief. The names vary according to their experience running large groups and companies, and the candidates will have a major role in reshaping Microsoft in the next years.

Tony Bates Grew Skype, Can He Grow Microsoft

What Makes The Next Microsoft CEO?

The decision to narrow down the candidates to five gives the company five strong candidates who have a varied background of experience. From a man who reshaped Ford from the edge of bankruptcy, the head of a mobile phone giant, and two internal Microsoft employees who clearly have guided the company via Skype and its cloud infrastructure.

The next CEO at Microsoft won’t be focused on the desktop Windows users, but more mobile, devices, and the cloud infrastructure that Azure and other programs that Microsoft has launched. Clearly the consumer is the focus, but enterprise is the large factor in Redmond, and one that runs several billion dollar segments in the company now. The new CEO will have to manage all of these, plus run the Gaming and other segments in Microsoft.

I like this approach and the list of candidates for CEO at Microsoft, if its true. It’s a strong list, and ones that can reshape the company into the next few decades.

Published: Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 Last Modified: November 6, 2013

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