Final Fantasy 13, too “futuristic”?

If you still don’t know if you should buy Final Fantasy 13, you might want to check out some more screenshots. At a first glance, you might be surprised that Final Fantasy looks so different and more like a Sci-Fi RPG than anything else, but it’s still Final Fantasy and includes a lot of “natural” elements as well. It’s not all futuristic!

Final Fantasy 13 Screenshots

Final Fantasy 8 already included a lot of futuristic elements, as well as X2, but Final Fantasy 13 goes one step further. Personally, I like the “natural” Final Fantasy setting of Final Fantasy IX a lot more, but that’s just me.

Screenshot Gallery

Anyway, check out some of the more “natural” parts of the game:

If you intend to buy a XBOX soon, Microsoft offers a special Final Fantasy 13 XBOX360 bundle.

Final Fantasy Themes

Should you be looking for our Final Fantasy themes, here you go:

Final Fantasy Theme for Windows

Windows 7 Final Fantasy Theme

Published: Thursday, February 25th, 2010 Last Modified: February 25, 2010

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