File Management To Be Much Easier In Windows 8, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has announced the presence of features that will make file management easier in Windows 8 compared to Windows 7. These features are focused on the 4 most commonly performed tasks in Windows Explorer — Copying, Pasting, Deleting and Renaming.

Windows 8 File Management

New Windows Explorer UI Feature To Help With Copy, Paste, Rename And Delete In Windows 8

Microsoft has demonstrated new features in the Explorer UI in Windows 8 that will help simplify the four most commonly performed tasks in Windows Explorer; namely — Copy, Paste, Rename and Delete.

As more and more users use their Windows PC’s to store large files in ever increasing numbers, there’s an increasing need to make the process of handling a large number of files more painless. Microsoft has acknowledged that the older versions of explorer were not optimized for this task. Hence, in Windows 8 they have implemented features that will ease bulk file handling.

Managed Copy Experience And Independent Job Management

Microsoft has included a new UI box in Explorer where the users can view all currently running copy jobs. In here the user can pause, resume and terminate any or all copying-tasks and not affect other processes that are running. This tool helps users gain more control over individual copying jobs and also open destination and source folders of running jobs directly from within the tool. This is designed to give the user precision control over the jobs that are running.

Name Collision Handling: Easier Ways To Handle Duplicates

The New Windows 8 Explorer will feature tools to make it easier to spot duplicates and compare them. It features tool that provides a visual side-by-side comparison to help the user determine which file is what. Similar to what some FTP clients would do when they hit duplicates.

Hovering over the file will display the file path and double-clicking will bring up a content preview — everything to help the user make sure that he is deleting/keeping the right version or file.

And lastly, Microsoft has said that they are reducing the number of confirmation dialogues that many users found redundant in the past versions.

Published: Friday, August 26th, 2011 Last Modified: August 26, 2011

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