Fifa World Cup 2010 Screenshots + Release Date

Today, EA officially announced the release of Fifa World Cup 2010 and also released some of the first screenshots of the game!

Fifa World Cup 2010 Screenshots

Fifa World Cup 2010 Pictures

Fifa World Cup 2010 Release Date

The release date will be April 30th, 2010. So just in time for the real world cup that begins on June 11.Fifa WC 2010 will feature an online World Cup tournament where you can play 24/7 against other players all over the world.

If anyone is up for a tournament, I am sure we can organize something when the game hits the shelves.

Pre-Order Fifa World Cup 2010

For $56.99, you can pre-order the game at The game will only be available for Wii, PS3, XBOX30 and Sony PSP.

2010 FIFA World Cup

Published: Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 Last Modified: January 27, 2010

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