Farmville creator Zynga worth more than EA!

You know the big names of the gaming industry? Ok give me some … EA, Capcom, 2kgames, THQ, Zynga. Zynga? Yes, the company behind Farmville is nowadays worth more than EA.

Farmville Creator Zynga

Social Gaming

EA has been in bussines for a while (founded 1982), while Zynga is relatively new (founded 2007). Social games are apparently more widely accepted than other games. It also underlines that a lot of people spend money on ingame items, even if they would never admit it. According to Wikipedia Zynga’s revenue in 2010 is already up to $600 million! Unbelievable, huh?

People continue to buy…
The free-to-play business model also generates a lot more revenue for publishers than subscription models. People continue to buy and end up paying more than they would have for a subscription.

According to BusinessWeek, Zynga is worth $5.51 billion. EA on the other hand is worth $5.22 billion. Of course, you also have to take into consideration that Zynga is a privately held company, while EA is a stock company (NASDAQ). Nontheless, it’s obvious that social gaming has enormous potential and might continue to grow.

EA’s answer: Dragon Age Legends for Facebook

Dragon Age Legends

EA belives that they can challenge Zynga and will soon release their own Facebook game. A Dragon Age Facebook game is in the making!

Dragon Age Legends will give players their first taste of the Free Marches, the primary setting of Dragon Age II. Alongside their Facebook friends, players will take on challenging quests within an engaging storyline, earning loot, sharing rewards and growing their kingdom. The game will include a gratifying character customization and upgrade system that will allow players to tackle demons and darkspawn to become a legendary hero within the Dragon Age universe.

Let the Facebook wars begin! Zynga – EA 1:0

Published: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 Last Modified: November 4, 2010

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