Fans Are Loving The Wii U, We Just Didn’t Communicate Well On Stage, Iwata Says

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Nintendo president believes next-gen console is already going to be a hit.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes the Wii U won’t fail

Unlike Nintendo’s E3 conference this year, impressions from the show floor seemed to be scarce outside of the press. It’s fortunate then that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, speaking to The Telegraph, has said impressions have been positive from people playing the demos and even got in a slight dig at Microsoft and Sony.

Iwata said the company couldn’t explain the unique aspect of the console during its conference, after admitting the company didn’t, but people who went to Nintendo’s booth said the Wii U was a surprise.

On whether Nintendo Land, the mini-game collection that’s Nintendo’s next Wii Sports, would be bundled into the console Iwata didn’t confirm a package. It may not even be Nintendo Land, which doesn’t exactly have the pick-up-and-play element Wii Sports did.

Handling Competition

Iwata also commented on the competitors already emerging to the GamePad – chief among them, Microsoft’s SmartGlass – and said it proves the potential of the Wii U. After the Wii, Microsoft and Sony rushed to jump on the motion control bandwagon with Kinect and PlayStation Move respectively. Kinect, despite its sub-par titles, has sold 10 million units officially. Titles such as Johan Sebastian’s Joust are on the PS Move, and generated excitement despite being in development and only available to select people.

The Nintendo president also believes the graphical jump in the next generation of consoles will be harder to notice by consumers … casual consumers, I think. You don’t need to be in-tune with the industry to realise the Unreal Engine 4 demo looks awesome, especially in motion. Iwata added increased processing power could mean more work for developers, though that’s always going to be the case around the launch of a new console. We didn’t see quality titles with the Wii for a while, and devs have said Wii U games will look better if built for the platform.

I’m still not convinced on the Wii U, and it seems like an incredibly risky bet for a company that’s lost money for the first time in forever. It’d have been interesting had Nintendo gone the full-on, traditional route.

Published: Friday, June 15th, 2012 Last Modified: June 15, 2012

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