Facebook Messenger Beta Gets Less Beta

Facebook Messenger whether you like it or not, is a top mobile messenger service, and gets better by the day. But, Windows 10 users have only gotten rumors about it coming to Windows 10. A rumored beta release now brings us sneak peeks of the acutal build.

Facebook has been very quiet on revealing details of the release, and only giving beta access users limited access. But, as it becomes more of a real release, the drapes have been lifted off the beta, and now we are starting to see what it looks like.

Facebook Messenger On Windows 10 Sneaks To Life From Beta

Facebook Messenger Windows 10 Features

Users who are looking for Facebook Messenger on Windows 10 devices are looking like they will be getting a powerful app. It will give them notifications on messages, live tiles for waiting messages, and ways to send photos, videos, and GIFS.

Additionally, users will be able to bring conversations to life with stickers, they can create groups to contact, forward messages to people in and out of the conversation, ways to search for people, , and the entire Facebook experience from mobile to desktop.

Facebook Messenger On Windows 10 Sneaks To Life From Beta

But When Official

The app became something that was announced last October, and has been in a waiting beta stage for too long of a time. They are seeding users to test the app, and are waiting to give users a Facebook and Windows 10 ultimate experience.

The screen images that are now available point to an almost completed release, and thats a great thing for Windows 10 users. This means that all of the Facebook Messenger features will be available to Windows 10 users, in due time.

Stay tuned as Facebook Messenger Arrives Soon For Windows 10. It’s still in beta, but are you a tester? Let us know if you are.



Published: Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 Last Modified: April 27, 2016

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