Facebook For Windows Phone Gets Major Updates

On Friday, one of the most popular apps for Windows Phone 8 got a major update, as Facebook has received a bunch of updates for it. The update includes a series of upgrades that users will find extremely useful, and will make Facebook on Windows Phone 8 easier to use.

The update to Windows Phone 8 includes a variety of upgrades that include languages, photo related updates, and other bug fixes that will make it operate quicker and easier. The updates are live in the Windows Phone Store and are available to download on your Windows Phone 8 Device.

Facebook App For Windows Phone 8 Gets Major Improvements With Update

Language Updates To Windows Phone 8

The newest version of Facebook for Windows Phone 8 reaches 5.1, and brings up to 19 different languages to its users. This is almost triple the amount that the app had supported previously, and will broaden the reach of Facebook to users around the globe. The ability to access Facebook from a mobile device is crucial, and reaching an audience that is global is even more important.

Photo Updates To Facebook

One of the other major upgrades for Facebook to Windows Phone are the photo upgrades. Now, users can attach photos to your friends and upload them to Facebook in batches. This will help those who take a ton of photos with their phones. In addition, users can now unfriend and unlike people directly from their Windows Phone 8 device.

Tagging and Navigation Improvements

Some of the last improvements made to the Facebook app include inline tagging, navigation improvements for checking into places, and performance tweaks that will make Facebook operate quicker and easier for users.

The vast amount of upgrade to the Facebook app for Windows Phone easily makes this the best upgrade made to the app so far. It gives users quicker access, more languages to communicate with their friends, and most importantly better photo options to choose from. As Facebook depends more and more on mobile devices, it serves both Facebook and Microsoft to have a proper app on their phones for users, and this one is definitely it. This is available currently to download, and is a must upgrade to those who use Facebook a lot on their phones.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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