Facebook For Windows 10 Officially Unveiled

Word about Facebook coming out with an official Windows 10 app, has circulated around the tech world for sometime, but no official word from Facebook had been shared. That is until now, when the official Facebook for Windows 10 app has launched.

The Facebook for Windows 10 app is a brand new forward-thinking app, that Facebook unveiled with a number of their products for Windows 10 on the sameday. The new app gives users access to the full Facebook experience within Windows 10.

Facebook For Windows 10 Features

The new Facebook for Windows 10 app is brand new, and it brings Facebook’s favorite features to the user right away. Facebook is now a click away from the Start Menu, and it loads up the news feed within seconds of launching.

Users can stay up to date with desktop notifications, pin new Facebook Live Tiles to the Start Menu, and get updates from friends and family. Users can also share photos from apps and File Explorer much easier with this Facebook app.

Facebook Launches Windows 10 App Officially

Facebook Features In App

Additionally within the Facebook for Windows 10 app, users will see reactions, stickers in comments, and a right-hand column for birthday and event reminders. It also brings in trending topics to users and much more with future updates.

The Facebook for Windows 10 app also gives users a new in-app browser to read and share articles from their news feed. This is a revolutionary app for Windows 10 users, and gives users an amazing and shocking Facebook experience.

If you use Facebook, download the Windows 10 app now. It’s quick, slick, and a like from us.



Published: Saturday, April 30th, 2016 Last Modified: April 30, 2016

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