Facebook Beta Adds Emojj and Features To Windows 10 Apps

Facebook is constantly evolving their apps, and their mobile apps are notorious for their weekly updates. Now, Facebook has launched updates to their Windows 10 Beta apps to bring them inline with their mobile offerings.

The Facebook Windows 10 Beta apps are exactly that in beta status, but they give users a large percentage of features that work anywhere. With the addition of emoji’s and desktop features, Windows 10 users can hope for a full Windows 10 release soon.

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Emoji & Link Support

Facebook’s major updates to the Windows 10 beta app is available to PC and tablet users. Users can finally like comments with emoji reactions, and this is a big improvement for users. This improves the previous heart or frown as the only previous choices.

The second major thing that Facebook added to their Windows 10 beta app, are quick links and an explore section on the sidebar. These quick links and exploration sections make the beta app appear just like Facebook on the desktop, and makes the Windows 10 beta app appear as a final product.

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Bug Fixes, Improvements & More

Along with the noted updated above to the Windows 10 beta app, Facebook also updated the app with bug fixes and other improvements. Facebook doesn’t disclose what bug fixes were updated, but the app definitely loads faster, and is a much cleaner app than previous versions while testing it out.

The Facebook Windows 10 beta app is available today from the Windows Store with all the latest updates. It surely is a must download if you enjoy Facebook and its service, but a final version should be something down the line. Facebook needs to make this beta a final app, and Windows 10 users certainly deserve it.

Download the updated Facebook app for Windows 10 today via the link below. It’s a quick update, and should please all the billions of Facebook users who use it daily.


Published: Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 Last Modified: June 7, 2017

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