Fable Heroes Announced for XBLA: Release Date Later this Year

Fable Heroes Xbla_thumb.jpg 1Lionhead make surprise announcement on Xbox Live Arcade release in Fable franchise

Release Date: TBA, late 2012

After leaking on Xbox.com, Lionhead officially announce next title in Fable series: Fable Heroes

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Spring Showcase event embargo ended mid-afternoon today, and even before official announcements were made Lionhead’s newest game – Fable Heroes – leaked online.

Fable Heroes is a co-op dungeon crawler, in the style of one of Xbox Live Arcade’s best-selling titles Castle Crashers. Up to four players can play local or online, and can choose from 12 characters from throughout the series. Players fight through eight environments, killing monsters and collecting gold coins.

The Guardian described the combat as “slick and satisfying.” Players can perform a light attack, dodge, and a “flourish” move by pressing the Y button. And while all players need to work together, more gold means more chance of levelling up. In that sense, its roots borrow from New Super Mario Bros Wii as players look to out do each other.

Risk vs reward is ever present in Fable Heroes: players can tap the right trigger for a powerful move, but it results in losing a heart. Characters who die become a ghost, who can still pick up gold, but can’t attack enemies. However, ghost players can come back to life by picking up a heart which are dropped by enemies.

One level being shown currently is called Millfields, the first level in the game – an area of green fields and villages. Other stages being shown are Misty Peaks, the famous Hobbe Caves from games gone by and a cemetery. Lead designer Ted Timmins said to The Guardian “It’s kind of inspired by the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.”

Characters With Unique Fighting Style

Depending on the character you choose, they will have their own fighting style and weapons. Some characters have swords – such as the Hero from Fable 3 – while the Hammer character has the weapon of the same name. A character called Garth uses magic attacks, while Reaver from Fable II and III returns using his ranged gun.

Treasure chests drop between battles, awarding power-ups to whoever opens them first. There are apparently 15 power-ups, “one turns the character into a giant … version of themselves, another provides a doppleganger.”

Fable Heroes is set for release this year on Xbox Live Arcade.

Published: Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 Last Modified: March 6, 2012

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