Fable 3 Screenshots of Albion & Arora!

Finally, we’re back in Albion, here are the latest Fable 3 screenshots from the X10 In Fable 3, you’ll continue the dynamic adventures of part 2, playing as the son or the daughter of the Fable 2 hero. It has also been confirmed that you can import Fable 2 saved games, but according to Peter Molyneux it won’t have a great impact on the storyline.

Fable 3 Screenshots

What I like about the Fable franchise is the fact that Molyneux is always introducing very innovative features. This time your weapons’ appearance will turn to something else depending on what mobs you have killed with it and you can even become king in Fable 3. Whatever you do in Fable 3 will have an impact on the story, so if you aren’t a good king, you will have to live with the consequences!

Leaked information:

On his Twitter profile, Molyneux stated that there will be a “another continent in Albion”:

Just done another interview and talked about Arora another contenent in Albion I don’t think I had permission too

So, it looks like Fable 3 will also introduce a new continent “Arora”. We’ll be trying to find out more about this.

Fable 3 Pictures

Published: Friday, February 12th, 2010 Last Modified: February 12, 2010

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