Extra SkyDrive and Facebook Updates For Windows Phone 8

On Monday, right before the holidays, Microsoft gave Windows Phone 8 users a little something extra for the holidays. Facebook for Windows Phone 8 got a bunch of new updates and SkyDrive users for Windows Phone 8 gave users more storage than they had before.

In giving Windows Phone 8 users extras for the holiday, Microsoft is showing its commitment to Windows Phone 8. Facebook remains a top app for Windows Phone 8, and SkyDrive a major asset for cloud storage. Both of these make Windows Phone 8 users wanting to use it more.

Facebook App For Windows Phone 8 Gets Major Updates

Facebook For Windows Phone 8 Updates

The newest Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 users gives then a whirl of new updates that should please them. Users will be able to pin any content to their home screen as a live tile. Those content updates can include chats, events, groups, pages, and varying photo albums that they find across the web.

In addition to the live tile updates, Facebook now allows for additional language support and overall performance updates that should speed things up for Windows Phone 8 users. Between live tiles, secondary live tiles, support for up to 50 different languages and more, Facebook got a huge update for Windows Phone 8 on Monday.

Windows Phone Users Get 20GB Extra Storage On SkyDrive

SkyDrive Bump For Windows Phone 8 Users

For SkyDrive users with Windows Phone 8, they got an additional 20GB of online storage thanks to Microsoft. Microsoft is encouraging Windows Phone 8 users to use SkyDrive more and more with this update, and with 20GB of extra storage, they definitely should start using it right away.

With the SkyDrive app for Windows Phone 8, it allows users to store documents, photos, and other data in the cloud within SkyDrive. Users will have up until January 31st to claim their additional space, and users should start seeing emails from Microsoft with the unique code attached to it to start claiming it right away. With the extra 20GB of storage, Windows Phone users should be able to back up their entire phone collection to the cloud, and then some.

I got my update over the weekend and have the extra 20GB of storage. I upgraded my Facebook app for my Lumia 1020 too, and love the updates.

Published: Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 Last Modified: December 24, 2013

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