Exploring the Runestone system of Diablo 3

Diablo 3 will have a completely new runestone system.
Diablo 3 Runestone System

Diablo 3 updates Runes

Back when Diablo II introduced the expansion that included Runes it seemed that the game could not get much cooler, but Blizzard has outdone itself with the announcement that they have created an entire Runestone system for Diablo 3 which should make playing the game that much more fun. With more game play now than ever the system is only further enhanced by the introduction of a grandiose character customization making everything about the anticipated sequel that much more enticing. Add in the fact that all it takes is a patch to upgrade the system farther and you have the potential for some intense ability growing.

The basics of the Runestone system

The new Runestone system will offer five character classes that include the ability to upgrade traits, charms, gems, weapons, enhancements, armor, skills, and dies. There are five different types of Runestones to collect throughout the game that include crimson, obsidian, indigo, golden, alabaster, and indigo. You have to hand it to the creators as the skill enhance Runes even sound cool without knowing what they do. Upgrading the skills will allow you to change the way that all of your skills and spells function as well as the way they look when used.

Added beauty of Rhunes in Diablo 3

Outside of the cool way they look, each of the runes offers some type of special effect much like the gems that were used in previous Diablo releases. As of right now, it is known that alabaster will help enhance the stun feature and crimson will help aid the damage capability of your weapons. In addition, the runes also carry with them separate power ranks meaning the higher the rank of your rune the higher level of skill enhancement it carries with it making the thrill that much better.

Runes and whirlwind

Also known is the way that runestones will enhance the powerful whirlwind weapon since it is the most powerful skill known to the franchise at the moment (although we can hope to see something even better in Diablo 3 with any luck). Indigo runes will help spawn small whirlwinds for added damage, crimson runes will add sprays of gravel and rock creating more damage, golden will reduce the fury cost, obsidian will offer immunity to the immobilizing effects, and alabaster will offer confusion that makes the enemies attack their own for a short period of time.

Release: Possibly summer/autumn of 2011

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Published: Monday, June 20th, 2011 Last Modified: June 20, 2011

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