Experience Trello Via Its New Windows 10 App

Trello is a wildly successful mobile app, and while it has made milions of users happy with a mobile servie, it has lacked a Windows 10 app. Now, Trello has launched a Windows 10 app that lets users experience it on a bigger space.

Its quite hard to tell you what Trello actually is though, but it eases to make lives easier as a productivity app and experience. It brings a minimal experience and lets users get more done.

Trello Comes To Windows 10 Desktops With New App

App Highlights

Where the Trello app shines is with its minimalist approach, and lets users work. It lets users create new card instantly, and does it with its quick add window. It also gives users notifications when there is new activity within them.

Users are able to work on multiple boards at once with multiple windows, and set a global shortcut that lets them open the main window from anywhere. The web shortcuts work on the app too, and that is a huge plus.

Native Notifications Come To Trello Via Windows 10 App


Trello’s main goal is to let users customize workflows, add checklists of to-do’s on cards, assign various tasks to yourself and coworkers, and comment on items. It does this with a visual flow that is amazing.

Trello’s Windows 10 app also lets users upload photos and videos, attach files, display cards in a calendar view with the Calendar power up, and is totally free. A Gold level is available if you seek more Trello advanced features.

If you use Trello, try the Windows 10 app out. It’s quite an amazing app, and one worth downloading.


Published: Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 Last Modified: September 19, 2017

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