Expedia Releases A New & Updated Windows 10 App

For those who travel for business or pleasure, Expedia is one of the most widely used travel companies throughout the world. But, their Windows apps have lingered, and given Windows 10 users frustration. Now, Expedia finally has released a Universal Windows 10 app.

The new Expedia Windows 10 app is done from the ground up, and is meant for Windows 10 computers, tablets, and phones. It is built on the Universal Windows Platform, and gives users a single app to update from this point forward.

Expedia Launces New Windows 10 Universal App

Expedia App Updates

With the new Expedia Windows 10 app, users get a new Windows 10 app that is built for the operating system. It has been given key performance improvements, and launches faster for users. This will keep performance going strong on Windows 10 machines.

Additionally, it has been built with Cortana search integrated into the app. Now, you can book trips with your voice, and carry on conversations with the Expedia app. Status updates can also be gained with the sound of your voice.

Windows 10 Gets New Expedia Travel App Built For Windows 10 Users

Other Major Improvements Made

Along with the noted updates, the Expedia Windows 10 app gives users a new interactive device notification system. Users can get travel alerts on their desktop or phone, and also get changes of intineraries sent to their email from Expedia.

Lastly, users get a deeper integration with the Windows 10 app. It is native to the Windows 10 platform, and Microsoft worked with Expedia to build this app. It gives travel alerts, bookings, and updates with ease, and is a top travel app on Windows 10.

If you travel, check out the new Expedia Windows 10 app. It’s a great app, and perfect for travellers around the globe.

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Published: Thursday, June 16th, 2016 Last Modified: June 16, 2016

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