Executive Search For Next CEO Narrows

In the latest CEO updates for Microsoft’s search for their next boss, the number of leading contenders has narrowed down according to a report released on Thursday. The names of Alan Mulally and Satya Nadella are becoming the two main people racing to lead Microsoft in the next years.

The names of these two do not come as a shock to those have been following Microsoft’s CEO search in Redmond. While one maybe the CEO of a large automotive company, the other is a very strong internal Microsoft executive with the skills who can lead the company into the future.

Microsoft Narrows CEO Search To Two According To Reports

CEO Search Updates

According to the report, the board is quickly looking for a replacement for the outgoing CEO, Steve Ballmer. The company is trying to regain its position in the software business as it’s been declining over the past few years. The shift to hardware and Internet-based services gives Microsoft new revenue sources but forces its to compete against Google among others.

Others within the Microsoft ranks have been noted to be on the short list, but are falling off quickly. Names like Tony Bates and Stephen Elop were among the other main names listed for the CEO replacement, but the report states the board at Microsoft is less likely to consider them, with their focus placed on the others named. No official comment though has been made.


Who Will Make The Next CEO At Microsoft?

In their search for the next CEO, Microsoft is aiming to bring someone who can manage their complex businesses, and lead their global organizations. The next CEO will need to bring together a history of leading large organizations, increasing productivity, and be able to control and run a company the size of the global Microsoft.

The two names of Allen Mulally and Satya Nadella are leaders in their own rights. Allen Mulally has led the resurgence of Ford into the next century and is considered a leading CEO among companies. Whereas Satya Nadella has lead Microsoft’s efforts into the cloud, led their enterprise teams, and has a long grasp on their business lines and revenues.

I think that Satya Nadella would be a perfect choice for Microsoft. Allen Mulaly has the CEO background, but lacks the technical experience to be the next CEO, IMHO.

Published: Sunday, December 1st, 2013 Last Modified: December 1, 2013

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