Executing Config Files In CS:GO Via The Console

Executing Config Files You want to load your config files, but don’t want to modify the original config.cfg? Here’s how you can load config files via the console individually.

1. Step Open CS:GO

2. Step Make sure you know how to open the console

3. Step Open the Console

4. Step Enter exec

5. Step You will get a list of files that you can execute. If you already know the name of your config file, enter exec config.cfg (where config is the name of your config file e.g. autoexec.cfg)

6. Step That’s it – hit Enter

7. Step If successful, it loads the exec file. It may give you some warnings like kp_1 isnt a valid key if you have assigned some wrong keys

Executing Config Files

You should know be able to execute all sorts of files via the console. The console makes it easy to learn about other commands as well, simply start typing letters of some commands you still remember from older games and you’re good to go

Published: Saturday, May 5th, 2012 Last Modified: May 5, 2012

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