Excel Power Map Updated With Two New Features

Excel junkies love the power of Excel and the limitless number of features that the program can offer. Those who user Power Maps within Excel know this for sure. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced Power Map updates for September, which makes it easier and more exciting.

The updates to the Power Maps in Office 365 will be rolling out shortly to users, and will give them two new exciting features. The Power Map is a data visualization tool within Excel, and when mixed with Power BI for Office 365, gives business a ton of new cloud tools for data.

Microsoft Updates Power Map Features Within Excel

Power Map Filtering Enhancements

Now, users can use filtering to refine their Power Map tours. Using filters, users can see individual portions and see how different factors can alter their data. This is particularly important to large sets of data, and by harnessing the cloud of Office 365, this data can be seen in amazing ways.

Three different options are able to be chosen as the filter. The list filter lets users select or exclude individual categories, and is listed in alphanumeric order only. Next, the range filter allows for min and max values, and between values, to allow for numerical interpretations. Lastly, the advance filter shows off statement prediction and allows for advanced logic filtering.

Microsoft Beefs Up Power Map In Excel With Custom Map Updates

Custom Map Updates

The new update to Custom Maps is the biggest update to it yet though. It extends all the current features of Power Maps, and then builds on it from there. Users can tell rich and interactive stories, and then build the data to create amazing maps. Using data and maps together will give enterprise customers wild tools in the future.

These custom maps leverage x and y coordinates in data, and lets users plot data across any image file. Users can scale the data, align the data and images, and then build dynamic data explorations. These can be shared to videos that can be shown off to colleagues, coworkers, customers, and anyone else. All of these updates should roll out in the next few days on Office 365 for all users.

Power Maps in Excel is kind of a geeky thing. But, for those who use them, its truly awesome, and it just got more awesome.

Published: Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 Last Modified: September 10, 2014

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