Excel 2016 To Include New Business Analytics Tools

It is no secret that Excel is one of the most widely used business tools around, and millions of business users load up Excel to work on spreadsheets every minute. On Thursday, Microsoft shared more about Excel 2016 and its new business analytics features.

Excel has gone far beyond just its original spreadsheet program, and has transformed itself to work with a number of business software suites. The number of Microsoft owned and operated business analytics tools sheerly show how well Excel can work with them effortlessly.

Microsoft Shows Off Excel 2016 BA Tools

Getting Data & Using Quicker

With Excel 2016, users can now use the built-in functionality to get data and bring all the data into one place. It had been available separately via Power Query, but now it will be found natively within Excel 2016. It will be found in the Get & Transform section on the Data tab.

Now, users can connect to data from websites, databases, Azure cloud platforms, Hadoop services, and even Salesforce. The Query editor will allow users to prepare data sets, work with them and get the data in ways that the user needs, and can work with via Excel 2016.

Microsoft Makes Forecasting Simplier and More Efficient With Excel 2016

New Built-in Functionality

In addition to the Power Query and other features, Excel 2016 will also include numerous new features. These include automatic relationship detection, automatic time grouping, pivot-chart drill-down buttons, smart rename, allowing for searching in pivot tables, and more.’

New forecasting capabilities are also built into Excel 2016, and these allow forecasting based on Exponential Smoothing. It’s available as a new one-click forecasting button, and users can create a forecast visualization from their data series in a matter of seconds.

Excel 2016 should give businesses a number of outstanding tools for business analysis. It’s available now via the Office 2016 Preview for Windows, and is worth checking out.

Published: Saturday, August 29th, 2015 Last Modified: August 29, 2015

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