Ex-OnLive Employees Courted By Microsoft To Build New Products And Services

Onlive Products Services_thumb2In the wake of OnLive restructuring and laying off half of its employees, Microsoft posting a job ad encouraging employees of the cloud-streaming gaming service to speak to the software giant. We don’t know what for, though Microsoft says its building new products and service.

If you’re a former OnLive employee, and you fancy working at Microsoft, then you’re in luck: Microsoft wants to speak to laid-off employees from the company

OnLive’s restructuring last week seemed a little strange: the company filed for bankruptcy, seemingly wiped its debt, and then a new buyer approach before restructuring the company and laying off half of its employees. Regardless of how shady the deal looks to outsiders, Microsoft wants to speak to employees that left the company.

Microsoft called out to the ex-employees on EventBrite, an event management website, saying it is eager to speak to individuals affected by transitioning from OnLive. Microsoft didn’t fully specify what it wants the employees to develop, though it did say it is building groundbreaking products and services. That sounds like a company-wide approach. The positions are in Mountain View and Washington.

OnLive Looking Towards Future, Though We’re Not There Yet

OnLive was reportedly in $30 or $40 million of debts. The service allows gamers to buy games, providing the OnLive box and controller is owned, and stream them over Wi-Fi. It’s a neat idea and perhaps a glimpse towards the future, though a) whether your internet provider offers unlimited broadband downloads and b) you prefer not buying physical games is going to decide whether OnLive is appealing. Personally speaking, I don’t want more consoles/controllers and I don’t want to exclusively download video games.

As for what Microsoft could be building with OnLive employees, the company is launching Windows 8 October 26. Outside of the known releases, the next-generation Durango Xbox will arrive at some point despite not being confirmed. Perhaps Microsoft wants to move towards cloud gaming. Steam is already offering games just for downloading over Wi-Fi, and the service is very popular. I’m not sure gamers are ready to download, wait, and install games over multiple hours on a console. It needs to be instant like inserting a disc and pressing play.

We’ll have to see what Microsoft is planning, though we’ll remain interested.

Windows 8 launches October 26.

Published: Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 Last Modified: November 13, 2014

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