Evernote Gets Huge Upgrade on Windows Phone 8

Users who love the Evernote program on Tuesday, got a major upgrade to it for Windows Phone 8. The updates as noted on the Evernote blog and then available on the Windows Phone Store, give users a ton of new features and enhancements that will increase their productivity and more.

With Windows Phone 8 gaining new apps daily, the move by Evernote is huge. It is getting better, and the collection of new features give users a number of features that can only make them want to use Evernote in their daily lives more and more.


Multi-Shot Camera

One of the biggest improvements for Windows Phone 8 users of Evernote is the multi-shot camera. Now users can take as many photos as they want without exiting camera mode. Just tap a photo, and then tap the screen again to take another one, and over again. Users can then delete the ones they don’t want or use.

Image Slideshows Now Available

Another huge improvement is the image slideshows. Now, users can view their Evernote images in a slideshow format, and they can then swipe those images to view in any manner on their phones. This small addition will make showing off Evernote photos even more amazing in the office.

Speech To Text and Auto-Titles

Two of the latest additions to Evernote for Windows Phone 8 is the introduction of the speech-to-text option and auto-titles. Now, users can open a note, tap the speech button, and start talking. Evernote will then transcribe the note and save the text with the audio. Evernote can also assign titles to notes with no names on them. It will save location, content, and a calendar option if desired.

These latest updates by Evernote are huge for Windows Phone 8. This is one of the most widely used productivity apps for Windows Phone and around the globe, and these new features will only make it used more. It shows that companies like Evernote are focused on giving Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft users a great experience on their mobile devices, and wants to improve their usability immediately. The update is available starting today on the Windows Phone Store.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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