ESPN And Microsoft Launch World Cup Essentials

As the world’s largest sporting event approaches in a short time in Brazil, the need for media rich sports apps have hit the web. ESPN and Microsoft have teamed up to give users one of the most intriguing and exciting products to watch the World Cup, known as Wordl Cup Essentials.

The team project between Microsoft, internet Explorer, and ESPN brings one of the interactive spots to enjoy the World Cup this summer. It is media rich, full of animation, charts, and statistics, and is ready for use. It is also absolutely free to enjoy starting now.

Microsoft Shows Off World Cup Essentials Site For World Cup Followers

World Cup Essentials

With the World Cup Essentials, Microsoft is giving users who use Internet Explorer a whole new media experience to enjoy with the World Cup in 2014. It is specifically designed to take advantage of the Internet Explorer engine, and brings 3D graphics and information to give soccer fans a ton of data to intake.

With teams from around the world joining in Brazil this summer, ESPN will be the main hub for sports information during the World Cup, and with this app, Microsoft is giving them the technology to do it. Users can search by team, by country, by player, and see the specific match information for their desired match.

Rich Graphics and Media Make World Cup Essentials A Microsoft Highlight

Media Rich For IE Use

While the site works in Chrome and Firefox, Internet Explorer is 100% the browser of choice for this site. With the graphics, media, sound, and full range of information available, it will make any soccer fan proud. It also features a full social media experience with Twitter and other social networks.

Microsoft designed the site to bring teams, matches, the history of the World Cup, and headlines from the World Cup in one site. The World Cup site also brings together the social media networks of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for users. Users can make their picks for their matches as well on the site. The World Cup Essentials is one of the hottest sites on the net, and Microsoft and ESPN teamed up to give users a great soccer experience.

This is a hot website and is full of technology. Microsoft is branding it towards Internet Explorer, but it is a shining spot for any browser.

Published: Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 Last Modified: June 3, 2014

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