ESL eSports App Brings eSports App To Windows 10

ESL is one of the biggest independent eSports brands in the world today, and they have numerous fans who love to play in its leagues. Its offline and online competitions now have a Windows 10 app, and it’s a fine app to enjoy.

The ESL eSports League currently has over 5 million players around the world, and it’s growing on a daily basis. Players play for free, and get money, prizes, or just bragging rights. Its Windows 10 app is the official app from the league.

ESL Brings eSports App To Windows 10 PC's and Mobile Devices

ESL sSports App

With the ESL eSports app, you can find and sign up for tournaments in more than 60 games across its league. You are then able to play in those tournaments, check on upcoming matches, and follow up on upcoming cups too.

The Windows 10 app brings notifications for signed up tournaments, lets you manage and create your teams, invite friends into the leagues and tournaments, and more. It’s best features are the VoDs of the eSports events though.

Play In ESL eSports Tournaments With Windows 10 App

ESL eSports League Growing

The Windows 10 app for the ESL eSports league arrived in the perfect time, and the number of supported games and regions is growing by the day. Big titles like Battlefield, Call of Dudty, Counter-Strike, and Halo are supported for users.

The ESL eSports app supports players from around the globe as well, and with their global branding, gets players from Europe, Brazil, Japan, Latin America, and around the world to play in its tournaments everyday of the week, and 24/7.

If you enjoy eSports and are part of the ESL, grab this app. It’s a great addition to the Windows Store, and a great eSports addition.

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Published: Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 Last Modified: July 12, 2016

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