eSignature To Be Available To Office 365 Users Soon

Those who use Office 365 have been wanting some form of eSignature, and what that are looking to Microsoft to deliver that solution to Office 365 users. On Monday, Microsoft announced that they have formed an alignment with DocuSign to bring eSignatures to Office 365 by early March.

This means that a large amount of business and enterprise users will soon be able to take advantage of the eSignature option in Office 365. The partnership with DocuSign will make their eSignature technology available to all forms of Office 365 and give users a much desired feature.

Microsoft Office 365 Users Can Now Use DocuSign To Produce eSignatures

Full Integration With Office 365

The long-term partnership with DocuSign will give Office 365 users the ability to use its eSignature technology in a number of Office apps. These apps include Word, SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2013. With SharePoint, users and administrators will find an easy administration and usage tool and allow users to sign from their admin consoles.

Additionally, users and enterprise users will be able to take advantage of a single sign-on that comes from Windows Azure Active Directory. By using Office 365 credentials, users can seamlessly sign-on and manage accounts. The signed documents also are automatically stored in Microsoft OneDrive and businesses can access them 24/7.

DocuSign Brings eSignature Technology To Office 365 And Microsoft

Availability and Innovation

Users will be able to self-service their app in Office 365 and in Word. Particularly in Word, users can download templates directly from the Office Store whenever they need it. Both DocuSign and Microsoft also made it known that they will continue to evolve and bring brand new eSignature technologies to Office 365 customers and users.

Since DocuSign is currently used by more than 40 million users and have signed over 290 million documents, it will serve to please many customers. It has been used in over 188 countries and brings 50,000 new customers to its platform daily. Office 365 will give users way to sign documents and will bring DocuSign more customers as well. This should give both enterprise and business customers a great technology, and the ability to sign documents whenever they use Office 365.

I have used DocuSign and find it very easy to use. Now with Office 365, it will be a perfect complement for business users.

Published: Thursday, February 20th, 2014 Last Modified: February 20, 2014

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