Epic’s Tim Sweeney Says Unreal Engine 4 Not Even Working on Announced Consoles

Unreal Engine 4 Not On Wii U

It looks like Unreal Engine 4 isn’t going to working on the Wii U, according to the studio’s head.

The Wii U may have received a blow to its hopes of supporting third parties, according to Tim Sweeney

Nintendo are hoping to Wii U brings third-party support the console after the Wii failed appeal to developers due to its lack of power and poor online support. While developers include 2K Games’ Ken Levine said it’s looking to support the console, there’s no confirmed news. However, Tim Sweeney of Epic Games says Unreal Engine 4 isn’t working on consoles that haven’t been announced.

Sweeney confirmed the studio is doing a behind-closed-doors showing of the engine to developers, part of the ramp-up cycle (presumably for next-gen, when the engine will probably be used). For Unreal Engine 3 to ramp-up cycle began in 2003 and 2004. He said public announcements will be made at some point, and the studio is aiming very high: so high in fact that console that’ll run the engine haven’t even been announced.

What does Epic want

Sweeney was also asked what he would want from Microsoft is he was approached, and asked what he wanted in next-gen consoles. One feature was social network integration, so player can sign and share with friends. We’re already games such as SSX work around Facebook by offering integration with friends lists’, where users can see others time and race against ghosts.

He also said the ability to buy games like in app stores will be valuable, which is already been done through Xbox Live Arcade. The push to digital in next-gen consoles has been much rumored, so if the manufacturers arranged for console games to be download from launch digitally then that would be attractive. Xbox Live already offers Games on Demand, but the games are at least a few months old.

Microsoft is already pushing the Xbox 360 as a multimedia device. Games are now less popular then the media apps, such as Netflix and the BBC iPlayer. That’s no surprise really because most people don’t buy games every week, so the opportunity to catch up with TV shows or watch the missed movie is attractive. I can literally, in three buttons taps, watch The Apprentice instantly.

Published: Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 Last Modified: May 9, 2012

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