Epic Silent on Whether Unreal Engine 4 is Definitely Working on Other Platforms

Unreal Engine 4 On Next Gen Consoles

Can next-gen consoles handle the next-gen Unreal Engine?

It would be shocking if next-gen consoles couldn’t handle the next version of the Unreal Engine

Epic Games could not be supporting next-gen consoles with its next-gen engine, depending on who you believe. Geoff Keighley of Spike TV made comments on Twitter saying there is no support for the Wii U, but Epic conflicted reports by saying its next engine is unconfirmed beyond the PC.

The comments on Twitter said that Spike TV, which hosts E3 2012 along with Keighley, will be unveiling Unreal Engine 4 during E3. Afterwards, exchanges with Twitter users said the demo would be interactive with real-time effects. The GDC 2012 demo sounded like a tech demo, which was shown behind closed doors to the press. The E3 demo will be that demo, but with new sections.

Epic has said since the demo was shown at GDC 2012 that it would go public, at some point, with screenshots coming out recently which showed the incredible views of snowy mountains and a Diablo 3-esque demon lord. I’m guessing what we’ll see in June is that demo, so it should be nice to see it in motion.

Wii U: No UE4

Epic spoke in an e-mail with NowGamer and said the engine has been unconfirmed beyond PC, which is probably more of a PR statement as the company can’t say “Yep, it runs on the next Xbox” because it would undermine Microsoft. Epic has said before the engine is running on hardware it couldn’t name and is actively advising Microsoft on specs, so it’s going to be running on the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Microsoft has Gears of War, so you can bet Epic are tailoring the system to their needs.

If Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t run on the Wii U, then the rumors of the console not being a leap up from current HD consoles look confirmed. Current consoles run Unreal Engine 3.

Keighley also said on forum NeoGAF that the news of the Unreal Engine 4 running on the Wii was discussed in an interview with Epic’s Mike Capps at GDDC, where he said Unreal Engine 3 is more in line with the Wii U. That’s disappointing – Nintendo is still missing out on many gamers.


Published: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 Last Modified: May 31, 2012

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