Epic Mickey 2 “The Power of Two” Announced With Voice Acting, Release In Fall

Epic Mickey 2 Announced

Epic Mickey 2 has been announced, a new co-op mode and improved camera are only 2 of the latest features.

Epic Mickey 2 Release Date

Approx. Fall 2012

Epic Mickey: The Power of Two becomes a musical as players now have greater control over their choices and their consequences

Epic Mickey 2 had the potential to be great, but a sometime-turbulent development cycle left many feeling that it could have been so much more. Its sequel – Epic Mickey: The Power of Two – has been announced.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Warren Spector – the brains behind Epic Mickey – wishes the character had talked.

With that in mind, Epic Mickey: The Power of Two – the game’s sequel – has gone in completely the opposite direction: The Power of Two is a musical.

Epic Mickey 2 will also have voice actors, with the creators of the music in the animated Wizard of Oz production – Jim Dooley and Mike Himelstein – behind the music in the sequel.

Spector recently received a lifetime achievement award at the Games Developers Conference this year, with games such as the original Deus Ex and Thief being his creations.

Epic Mickey 2 will also be featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as a primary figure, with a voice actor joining the party: Frank Welker.

New co-op mode

Oswald is also a playable character this time around, in a co-op mode. Our favourite mouse returns with his paintbrush to influence environments, while Oswald has a remote control that controls electricity. Not original by any means, but players will have to work together to work through levels. Oswald will also feature when playing alone as a helping hand.

Spectors also confirmed that the co-op mode was drop in, drop out, with Power of Two now coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Once again players will have to make choices that will have consequences throughout the game. The game is being developed by Point Studios, who developed the first game. Lining up with the musical take on the game, music will change depending on the decisions players make in-game.

Spector also confirmed issues such as the camera will be addressed in the sequel, and the game will release on all three main consoles – Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – at the same time.

Disney’s Epic Mickey: The Power of Two launches this fall.

Published: Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 Last Modified: March 22, 2012

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