Epic Games Shows Unreal Engine For Windows RT Tablets

Unreal Engine 4 On Windows Rt Tablets_thumb3Unreal Engine creator Epic Games recently showed off its next-generation Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine on Windows RT/ARM tablets. Infinity Blade for iOS uses Unreal Engine 2.

Worries about gaming on Windows 8 may not be an issue if Unreal Engine 3 is used for games

Gaming and Windows 8 is a relationship we don’t know a lot about right now, though the news of Unreal Engine 3 supporting the operating system is good news. Epic Games’ next generation version of its engine made appearance at Game Developers Conference and later E3 2012, with a technical demo (below) looking considerably better than games seen this generation.

Epic Games showed the demo running on a Windows 8 RT/ARM tablet; Windows RT is the feature-limited version of Windows 8. The demo took place at the IFA conference in Berlin showing tech demo of Epic Citadel, running on Asus Vivo Tab RT.

Windows RT is designed for tablts. There were worried that would therefore negate the gaming capabilities of the form factor, though that does not seem to be an issue. As mentioned the iPad has seen releases like Infinity Blade. Epic also confirmed Unreal Engine 3 will run on tablets running the full version of Windows 8 Pro, and therefore on higher priced devices.

Vice President of Epic Games Mark Rein said during the conference the demo runs on DirectX 9 and Tegra 3 chips, so the demo certainly seems to be full featured.

Exploiting Xbox Live

I’m excited to see how Xbox Live’s integration into Windows 8 works. There’s a chance we’ll just get ports of Xbox Live Arcade games, though that’s a good start, or we’ll get hardware-pushing original titles. I don’t expect a mobile version of Halo; however, developers building just for Windows 8 tablets will hopefully have the hardware to create interesting ideas.

Epic also confirmed Widnows RT licenses are available from the company now. Microsoft is also pushing downloads of the release to manufaturing builds of Widnows 8 to select audiences, like IT organizations and developers. The result should mean that apps are in the Windows Store from day one. That will hopefully include the odd Unreal Engine 3-powered title.

iOS is considered the mobile gaming platform because it’s where the big-name developers, and the quality releases for the platform, go first.

Published: Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 Last Modified: November 13, 2014

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