Epic Games Says Unreal Engine 4 is “purely next gen”

Unreal Engine 4 Details

Gears of War developer: showing next engine under NDA “wasn’t our decision”

The media share their impressions on Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4 preview

Epic Games set appointments for the media to view its next engine at the Games Developers Conference behind closed doors, but along with saying that it “wasn’t our decision” impressions and reports have come back from the demo.

Kotaku’s Editor-in-Chief Stephen Totilo shared impressions on another look at last year’s Samaritan demo, which is Epic’s view of where next generation gaming will go. Totilo says that “making a game for next-gen systems that you’d also want running on current systems,” developers would use Unreal Engine 3 but could also use UE4 if they wanted to develop for systems concurrently. However, for developers going purely next gen “you’d go with UE4.” Curiously, Epic Game were also showing off Unreal tournament III running in a web browser and they also want to get the Samaritan demo running in Flash.

Epic also said that they “hopefully” want to show Unreal Engine 4 off to the public this year, but “it’s not up to us.”

Question were also asked to Mark Rein whether developers would be making hardware requests to Microsoft and potentially to platform developers, adding that they are “constantly pushing” those developing the new platforms to prepare more advanced hardware. He went on to say that he expects the next generation of consoles to “blow us all away.”

Rein also added that he wants other developers to use their engine, rather than in-house engines like Frostbite 2, because of what it can produce: “our goal with UE4 is to prove to them that it’s time [to switch].”

UE4 runs on one card

Along with the demo of Epic’s next game engine, circuitry and power consumption specifications have been revealed.

While Rein said that their demo was powered by three GTX 580 Nvidia cards and took a “massive” power supply to run. The demo was shown off again, though running on an unreleased Kepler Nvidia card and a 200 watt power supply.

Despite Epic showing off an impressive demo, Rein sounded off by saying that current technology has advanced faster than they even though it would. He said that because it was “blowing people’s socks off,” there was no going back.

Published: Saturday, March 10th, 2012 Last Modified: March 10, 2012

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