Enjoy YouTube On Multiple Devices With MyTube

It’s no secret that YouTube is one of the hottest video sits on the Internet today, and millions watch the videos daily there. For Windows 10 fans, an app named MyTube suddenly has been updated to let users enjoy videos almost anywhere.

MyTube is a third-party YouTube app and works across any number of Windows 10 devices. It has a number of features that the YouTube official app doesn’t have, and it lets you watch videos in the background with ease.

MyTube App For Windows 10 Makes YouTube Awesome

MyTube Features

MyTube is a $0.99 app on the Windows Store, but it’s well worth that $1 to spend on it. It’s built to let you keep the video playing no matter what. It fades the video into the background, and lets you watch and read comments too.

The app lets users browse channels and videos, and lets you even play the audio of videos in the background while using other apps. This is the biggest improvement on the app, and makes this MyTube app a must download for YouTube fans.

MyTube Adds New Features From YouTube For Windows 10 Users

Trial Version Available

With the MyTube app on the Windows Store, the developer lets users download a trial, and the trial gives users an hour of video in every 3 hours. This is usually enough time to decide that you want the app, and spend the $0.99 to get it.

The app is developed by Christopher Blackman, and it gets frequently updated along with the changes to YouTube as well. It’s latest updates with background audio actually surpass the official YouTube app, and it works on any Windows 10 device, so its a great deal.

If you love YouTube, you will love MyTube. It’s a free trial, and only $0.99 to enjoy YouTube in new ways possible.


Published: Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 Last Modified: August 31, 2016

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