Enjoy Music With Light Media Player On Windows 10

There are a number of music players on the Windows Store for Windows 10 users, and many of them are good. The built-in Groove Music Player is quite an app, but a new one called Light Media Player might take the prize.

Light Media Player is made by Light Studio, and at $4.99 it isn’t a free music player like many others. But, for the price, users get an amazing music player that truly lets music fans take control of their music.

Enjoy Music With The Light Media Player On Windows 10

Inside The App

Light Music Player can easily be described as a music player that lets users manage their library, the right way. The whole collection stays in the app, and it works for single tunes, or a vast collection.

The app features gapless playback with little to no interruptions, and lets users build their own playlists within the app. This lets users build M3U and WPL playlists, within ease.

Enjoy Your Lyrics With Light Media Player

Formats & Lyrics

Light Media Player lets users play all types of music files, including MP3, FLAC, and many others. It features the leading media decoder, so it matches audio formats, and plays all music files within the app.

It also supports importing local lyrics files or users can match lyrics online. This makes it great to have karaoke parties with the app, or have family sing-a-longs with the perfect music app.

If you love music, Light Media Player is an amazing music app. It might be $4.99, but its totally worth it.


Published: Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 Last Modified: August 29, 2017

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