Enjoy Google Play On Windows 10 With GMusic

In the world of Windows 10 apps, Google still hasn’t put out an official Google Play app for users. The frustration of that, has led third-party developers to create their own. GMusic is the biggest, and now it’s a Universal Windows App.

By making GMusic a Universal Windows App, it will work on both PC and Mobile devices with a single app. It brings the Google Play Music experience to Windows 10 machines, and is simply the best Google Play alternative on Windows 10.

GMusic Brings Google Play Music To Windows 10

GMusic Features

With GMusic, you can search and listen to music tracks on the Google Music service with ease. You can also sort music by tracks, albums, and by artist. Additionally, you can view album covers and artist photos as well.

It brings users who love Google Play Music, the trends of the Google Play Store too. Users get the Top Albums, New, Recommended, Similiar, and Top Tracks categories. It’s the ideal Google Play Music app for Windows 10 fans.

Listen To New Releases & More With GMusic

2-Step Verification & Support

Users can use the 2-step verification service on Google to make sure their music is safe, and to give access to the app. Also, you can verify if Google Play music is available with the app before you purchase it from the Windows Store.

While it is an unofficial client, its still the best one out there. It comes in at $6.99, and can be found on sale for $4.99 on occasion. If you listen to Google Play Music versus Groove or Spotify, GMusic is a pick for you.

GMusic is available today on the Windows Store. It’s a great deal to let you enjoy your music, and brings Google Play Music to Windows 10.


Published: Thursday, July 28th, 2016 Last Modified: July 28, 2016

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