Enjoy Fidget Spinning With Covfefe Spinner On Windows 10

The fidget spinning craze has captured the world’s interest for now, and you find them at almost any convience store and toy shop around the globe. A new Windows 10 version called Covfefe Spinner brings spinning to your machine.

Covfefe Spinner is a free Windows 10 app available on the Windows Store, and its made by Sinime. It’s a fun fidget spinning app, and if you’re looking for an online spinning game, it’s interesting.

Covfefe Spinner Brings Fidget Spinning To Windows 10

The Spinning App

There isn’t a ton to say about fidget spinners, except they are perfect while you have down time, have nervous energy, or are looking to occupy time. The in-life toys have lots of sales, and online versions are getting attention as well.

The app loads up quickly, and it captures the whole “Hey, I’d like to fiddle with something”, accord to the app developer. It has unlocked fidget spinners in the app, and future versions will be arriving soon.

Various Colors Of Spinners To Enjoy With Fidget Spinner App For Windows 10

Is It Fun Or Fad?

The app itself has features waiting to be unlocked in future versions, with virtual Covfefe Coins, per the app notes. It brings the fidget spinners to your Windows 10 machine, and it passes the time.

The ability to spin something on an almost endless manner is pretty fun if you enjoy it. The app runs on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices, and its a small download. If you want to spin, spin, and spin, this app is for you.

Covfefe Spinner is a free Windows 10 app on the Windows Store today. If you want a virtual spinner, this app is yours.


Published: Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 Last Modified: June 14, 2017

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