Enjoy Disneyland Adventures On Your Windows 10 PC

The world of Disney is fun for all ages, and Disney certainly knows how to attract people to their products and have them enjoy it a ton. Their digital products do this very well, and their newest Disneyland Adventures is fun way to escape to Disney on Windows 10.

Disneyland Adventures is a Windows 10 and Xbox Live/Xbox Play Anywhere title. It is a joint product of Microsoft and Disney, and it lets children of all ages escape to Disneyland anytime they want on their digital platform.

Join Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Via Disney Adventures

App Features

With Disneyland Adventures, gamers can create memories on their digital Disney Adventures, and go anywhere they want within the Disneyland Park. This includes the 18 iconic attractions, and all the rides that make up the park.

What really makes Disneyland Adventures fun, is the way users can interact with all their favorite Disney characters. They can hug their princess, collect autographs, and even accept quests from the Disney characters.

Join Peter Pan On Fun Disney Adventures On Windows 10

Collect Achievements & Co-op Play

Disneyland Adventures is more than just a meet & greet game, as it lets users collect Disney-themed items, rewards, and collect Xbox Live Achievements as they go through the park. This makes the user go throughout the park to enjoy and collect items.

Players can also take advantage of the split-screen cooperative play, and partner with them as they explore the park, and earn rewards. It works across Xbox One, Windows 10, and other devices, so you can play anytime and pick up anywhere.

Disneyland Adventures is $29 and available on the Windows Store. It’s a great game for a Disney fan and a fun game overall.


Published: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 Last Modified: November 26, 2017

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