Enhance Your Calendar With My Calendar On Windows 10

Many of us have endless calendar appointments that run our lives, and keeping them in order is often tough. Many different calendar programs have tried to organize us, but many fail. That is until My Calendar, an amazing calendar app for Windows 10.

My Calendar is a free Windows 10 app that works across the desktop, tablets, or phone ecosystems of Windows 10. It gives the user a wide variety of calendar options, and takes the average calendar into the next level.

Enhance Your Calendar With My Calendar On Windows 10


With My Calendar, you can see different calendar views, that include the month, week, or by day options. You can switch between calendar views quickly, see holidays, name days in calendar, and a number of different customized options.

What makes the My Calendar app even better on Windows 10, are the several live tile styles that you enjoy. They also let you select visible calendars from the list of several available. All of these make the calendar live well on your device.

See Your Calendar In New Ways With My Calendar App On Windows 10

Enhance With Pro Pack

While the My Calendar app is free, they do offer a pro pack that takes the calendar program to the next level and gives you great updates. It lets you take away the ads, see new calendar views, and builds in task management into the calendar.

The new week view in grid mode is probably one of the best reasons to upgrade, along with the ad removal. But, perhaps the best is the enhanced internal birthday calendar. You can see birthdays with photos, and import them from your photos.

My Calendar is free on the Windows Store. It’s a great free update to your calendar software, and worth updating to the pro pack.



Published: Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 Last Modified: June 1, 2016

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