Enhance Note Taking With Plumbago On Windows 10

As most computer users know, the process of note-taking can be tedious and getg boring, especially within organizations. Windows 10 apps have improved it some, but Microsoft’s Garage is trying to help it further. They have created Plumbago for the next generation of note takers.

Plumbago is a free app in the Windows Store for Windows 10 users, and its main purpose is to give users productivty and ways to import images and more into notes. It’s still in its early stages, but it certainly makes note-taking a lot more fun.

Microsoft Garage Release Plumbago Notebook App For Windows 10

Playing With Plumbago

Once you start up Plumbago, you are given a brief introduction by the makers, and then can start taking notes. You can sync notes across devices, visit the settings, or visit the online help section too. All notebooks though are visable and viewed from the main menu.

The program lets you position the menu bar whereever you wish, let you incorporate the handwriting parts of Windows 10, and lets you sync to OneDrive with ease. Just press the “+” button, and you can start creating notes and notebooks with Plumbago.

Jazz Up Notes With Plumbago From Microsoft Garage On Windows 10

Lots Of Tools To Use

Writing your notebooks and notes with Plumbago is easy, as you can use a pencil, pen highlighters, erasers, or even a calligrpher to write. You can choose your colors, drawing widths, and choose from the mnu items that include: home, grid view, toggle buttons for drawings, and more.

But, where Plumbago shines is where you can import images into your notebook, modify the image in the note, and then save out to PNG or PDF formats. It’s a very simple and clean app to use, and is quite enjoyable to take notes in this fashion.

If you take notes, try Plumbago. It’s free, and quite a fun app from the group at Microsoft Garage.

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Published: Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 Last Modified: June 15, 2016

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