Engage In Political Thriller With Realpolitiks Game On Windows 10

A lot of people enjoy real-time strategy games, and there are a number of them available across the Xbox and Windows 10 platforms. One of the newer ones is Realpolitiks, and it has got a lot of interest from reviewers including myself.

Realpolitiks is a game available on the Windows Store, from 1C Publishing EU. It’s a streamlined real-time grand strategy game, and it lets you become the ruler of a nation, and explore its issues in real-time fun.

Realpolitiks Brings Real-Time Political Thriller To Windows 10

Realpolitiks Features

While playing Realpolitiks, you can lead any country in the world into global domination, and the game features any number of game scenarios to make that happen. Doing that, you shape your countries political system and determine its fate.

You are dealing with internal and external affairs with the game, and face threats all over the place. Those include natural disasters, terrorism, financial crises, and a ton of other ones built into the game.

Conquer Nations & Manage Your Country With Realpolitiks

A Political Thriller

Realpolitiks is definitely a thriller for sure, and you use the political instruments to handle international relationships with other countries. You can use spies to get info on other nations, and use espionage to get ahead.

You can choose to go the moral and ethical high ground if you like, and see how your fate treats you that way. It features a tremendously high replay value, and you can explore world domination in amazing detail with this game.

Realpolitiks is $24.99 on the Windows Store. If you love political games, this is yours for sure.


Published: Sunday, March 19th, 2017 Last Modified: March 19, 2017

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