Encrypt Drives With Hyper Crypt On Windows 10

We all know nowadays the importance of security, keeping your computer safe, your files in safe locations, and passwords secure. But, there is a new level of security of encrypting your storage drives. With Hyper Crypt you can do that with ease.

Hyper Crypt is written by Angelos Angelopoulos, and it is a relatively new encryption app on the Windows 10 Store. Its main goal is to offer the end user encryption tools for their drives, and it actually works with some ease.

Hyper Crypt Makes File Encryption Easy On Windows 10

App Features

Hyper Crypt is a free Windows 10 app, it uses advanced cryptography to allow anyone to protect their data, using virtually unbreakable encryption. This is important if you store important information or just want your computer files completely secure.

The app lets you encrypt any type of file, encrypt folders, encyrpt text, generate strong passwords, and has data using various algorithms. This means it keeps you data safe, uses a number of top end tools, and works.

Advanced Features Make Hyper Crypt Worthy Of A Download

Tools and Do You Need It?

With Hyper Crypt, you get a number of fools included with the app. It has a file and folder encryption tool that uses AES-256 encyrption. It has a text encryption tools using AES-256, RSA with 2048-8192 bit keys, One-Time pad.

Inside, it even has a key/password generation tool, and a hashing tool that uses SHA and HMAC-SHA. But, with all these tools and items at your disposal, does it work and do you need it? I tried it, and its simple and efficient, but, if you want advanced features try others instead.

Hyper Crypt is an easy to use encryption app, and its available on the Windows 10 Store. It’s free, so try it out and see what its about today.


Published: Monday, December 12th, 2016 Last Modified: December 12, 2016

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