Enable Skype To Call In Websites Everywhere

The global world of the computing audience grows everyday, and with that the conversations and number of websites grow as well. With websites growing in numbers, Skype has rolled out new updates that enable website developers to add Skype buttons with links and phone numbers to sites.

Skype is the most widely used communications tool in the world, and the continuing support of the program by Microsoft shows that it was a smart purchase. By giving website developers and owners a way for people to call or email them, it makes Skype’s usefulness continuing to grow.

Skype Rolls Out New Skype Buttons For Websites

Making Skype Buttons

The first thing mentioned in the Skype Blog on Thursday, talked about how website makers can make their own Skype buttons for their websites. By clicking the Skype buttons page and then filling in details, users can then copy the generated code from there into their website. With that, customers can call businesses or website owners with Skype for free.

This free communications tool can only make Skype stronger in many ways. A simple call to action button like this makes it simple for people to call businesses or other websites. From a doctors office, a lawyers office, or a small business, these types of simple tools make the communication power of the Internet powerful.

Skype Introduces URI Information Buttons For Websites

Skype Email Buttons Too

In addition to the Skype To Call buttons, Skype also rolled out Skype email buttons too. Users will need to select the tet or image that they want to turn into a link, then select the email’s link tool and then enter the website address or chat option. By doing this, the website owner can put in a email, chat, or Skype contact information into this button.

Not everyone is interested in chatting or having a telephone call with the website they are on, and this type of Skype Email or Chat tool might be the best thing. It gives people another communication option to use, and shows the communication of Skype is much more than videos and phone calls, but also email and chat. These buttons and links are live and free to integrate.

I use Skype daily and love it. I’ve rolled a few of these updates to a few sites already, and it is simple to do.

Published: Friday, February 7th, 2014 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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