Elevate Your Google Calendar With GCalendar Client Pro On Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user, you know that you have multiple options to manage your daily calendar. Many use Outlook for it, but more use Google Calendar. Now, GCalendar Client Pro brings more robust features for Windows 10 users.

GCalendar Client Pro is a free app from Yellow Elephant Productions, and it syncs completely with the Google Calendar account, and allows for easier planning and calendar events on your Windows 10 machine.

GCalendar Client Pro Brings Google Calendar Management To Windows 10

App Features

If you are a Google Calendar users, this app fully syncs with it, and you can even use it with multiple Google accounts, and switch among them. Users can also use smart methods to create and edit their own calendar.

Advanced features include ways to create and manage events by different methods, to set time reminders to start and end events, and get notifications for scheduled events. Important evens can even get their own color with the app.

Manage Appointments In Google Calendar With Windows 10 Feature Ready App

Use Notes & Live Tiles For Management

Users can mark events with desired colors to highlight certain appointments, and find events that they’ve made long ago. Notes and comments can be added to plans and use the view modes to adjust the view of the app.

Live Tiles make this app fully Windows 10 feature ready, and users can use Cortana voice commands to organize and scheduled calendar events. Support for Windows Hello is also available within the app.

GCalendar Client Pro is quite an app for Windows 10 and Google Calendar users. If you use Google Calendar this is a must try on any list.


Published: Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 Last Modified: July 11, 2017

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