Elder Scrolls Online Set To Break Boundaries

As 2013 draws to a close, we take a further look at what games have got us excited for the New Year – and Elder Scrolls Online is certainly one to look out for.

Elder Scrolls Online to Take Series In New Direction

Morrowind, Oblivion and of course Skyrim. In recent years the Elder Scrolls franchise has churned out some of the most epic and enormous single-player games to have been ever released.


Fans of the series would lose themselves for weeks and even months on end uncovering the vast world’s and discovering every secret nook and cranny the games had to offer. The Elders Scrolls franchise has been hailed by critics and consumers alike, and despite appearing to be doing just fine as a single player offering Bethesda have decided to take an ambitious step and move the series in an entirely different direction.

The Elder Scrolls Online is set to break boundaries from all sides. Not only for the franchise itself, but all other mass multiplayer online offerings. The Elder Scrolls online is set to be one of the first mainstream mass multiplayer online offering for console gamers and is sure to have unique obstacles to overcome, not least the fact it will have to be controlled using a game console controller.

The Elder Scrolls Online To Have Monthly Subscription

Something that is sure to be alien to some fans of console only games is the fact that the Elder Scrolls online will have a monthly subscription fee for game players.

For those who have never come across this now increasingly outdated payment model, it may be slightly aggravating considering that they are already paying subscription fee to either Microsoft or Sony for the use of the online features in the first place.


But the makers believe that the subscription fee is necessary to make the game as epic and expansive as possible and deliver on all the standards the series has said it’s to offer.

“Charging a flat monthly (or subscription) fee means that we will offer players the game we set out to make, and the one that fans set out to play,” Matt Firor, general manager of ZeniMax Online, stated when the fees were announced.. “Going with any other model meant that we would have to make sacrifices and changes that we didn’t want to make.”

The Elder Scrolls Online to Breath New Life Into Franchise

The last generation was where the Elder Scrolls franchise really came into its own becoming an incredibly popular mainstream game.

This new online release will breathe new life into the franchise and introduce a new world to many gamers who are only used to console gaming. Obviously there are certain challenges that come along with that, but the studio has exceeded expectations in the past and will hope to do so again with this release.


Elder Scrolls online is definitely a game to look out for in the upcoming year and will be released on both consoles and PC in the first half of 2014.

Published: Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 Last Modified: January 1, 2014

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