Elan Lee Hired For Xbox Entertainment Studios Position

On Wednesday, Microsoft in its latest move to build up Microsoft Studios and the caliber of games being brought forward on the Xbox platform hired Elan Lee. Elan Lee has been named Chief Design Officer for the brand.

With this latest hire, Microsoft is firmly bringing the credibility of a large name to the Xbox Entertainment Studios position within the company. With this announcement, the name of Elan Lee should bring other designers to the Xbox Entetainment Studios game line and hopefully more exciting games to come.


Formerly of 42 Entertainment

Elan Lee previously was VP of the large game company and design house 42 Entertainment, which developed the Why So Serious campaign for The Dark Knight. In addition to that, Elan Lee also helped start Fourth Wall Studios where he launched that company.

Latest of Former Microsoft Employees Coming Back

Elan Lee is the latest of former Microsoft employees, and specifically within the Xbox unit to be coming back to the company. Elan Lee was previously with Microsoft as lead designer on the original Xbox system and branched off until his own, until today’s announcement. Big games like Jay Allard among others are being amid to possibly return to the Microsoft brand and it will be interesting to see if they return back to Redmond.

Thought Of As A Very Creating Designer

When researching Elan Lee, his name is highly regarded among the game circles as a leading designer in the game industry, and his appointment to the Xbox Entertainment Studios brand, only means that the Xbox One games of the future should be more powerful and exciting than ever. Bringing together top talent with a lively new platform that is geared to excite users is the main goal of a launch such as Xbox One.

What this move by Xbox and Microsoft shows, is that Microsoft is clearly thinking about the Xbox Entertainment Studios for future game designing on its Xbox One platform. They are pumping huge dollars into the studio, and the end results will mean increased profits, higher margins on games, and hopefully more sales of these games on the Xbox One. It’s an exciting time to be a designer, especially at Microsoft.

Published: Friday, June 21st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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