Eight 3rd-party Windows 7 themes that transform your Computer’s shell style!

Here are windows7themes.net you’ll find dozens of 3rd-party themes to transform your Windows 7 shell. If you’re not afraid of messing with system files here are 8 great transformation themes

If you want to fully customize your PC, you will find no way around 3rd-party shell themes. Those themes can transform your computer in a matter of minutes and make them appear 100% differently. The best of them make accessing your PC a more personal experience. If you like slick and simple styles for example, shell themes are an excellent way to transform your PC.

1. Simplify – Simple, Clean Shell Theme

Simplify is one of the best white 3rd-party themes. I’m a fan of slick and simple designs and Simplify is one of them. The package includes 2 variations, fonts, explorer navigation buttons, Windows  7 start buttons and matching windows cursor schemes. Definitely worth a glance

Newest most popular 2012 Simplify Theme
DeviantArt | Download this theme

3. Clear Steam 2.0

If you’re a fan of clean themes, give this 3rd-party theme a try

Newest most popular 2012 Clear Steam 2.0 Theme
DeviantArt | Download from Mirror

4. Green Grass Theme

Soccer fans or nature enthusiasts might like this 3rd-party shell style:

Newest most popular 2012 windows 7 grass visual style Theme
DeviantArt | Download from Mirror

5. Arimo: Pastel Colors And Cool Icons

Pastel colors and a slick design make this 3rd-party theme very special. If you want some soft colors and nice icons on your desktop, this is worth installing:

Newest most popular 2012 Arimo Theme
DeviantArt | Download from Mirror

6. 3rd-party MaMaMiya Suite 12

White/Black themes are extremely nice and this theme is a great piece of work. A transparent Start menu and taskbars and enhanced button designs with some cool black icons and hover effects. Works incredibly well!

Newest most popular 2012 MaMaMiya Suite 12 Theme
DeviantArt | Download from Mirror

7. Lion Black Visual Style

This Windows 7 theme has been inspired Lion Mac OS X and is a black version of the theme, rather than using the dull grey color.

Newest most popular 2012 Lion Black VS For Win7 sp1 Theme
DeviantArt | Download from Mirror

8. Blue 2012 Shell Style

If you like blue/black themes this 3rd-party theme might be a good choice. This is not as slick and clean as the others, but as we all know tweaking your shell is a highly personal choice.

Newest most popular 2012 2012 Theme
DeviantArt | Download from Mirror

For even more 3rd-party themes, browse through our very extensive list of over 198 3rd-party themes

As asked by one of our readers, you should know the basics of PC customization before applying shell themes. What we recommend that you look up and learn more about:

  • cmd.exe
  • explorer.exe
  • sfc.exe
  • resourcehacker
Published: Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 Last Modified: December 15, 2012

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