Edit Videos Like A Pro With Movie Edit Pro On Windows 10

There are a number of video editing apps for Windows 10, and many of them range in their quality for users. More advanced users can now find a great video editing app on the Windows Store, by the name of Movie Edit Pro Plus.

Movie Edit Pro Plus is made by MAGIX Software GmbH, and its a widely known video editing app for Windows. This latest version is made for the Windows Store, and is one of the more advanced video editing programs available.

Edit Windows 10 Videos Like A Pro With Movie Edit Pro Plus

Video Editing In 4K

The major thing that Movie Edit Pro allows users to do is to edit videos in a number of formats. They include 10-bit HEVC videos to 360-degree footage. The 16-bit color processing makes for great videos and amazing editing qualities.

Inside the app, users can edit complex video projects up to 99 tracks for each image and sound, and those can include 4K proxy editing. It has a ton of movie effects to try, and they offer more on their OpenFX interface.

Create Title & Outro's With Movie Edit Pro Plus

Edit & Share

By being able to edit and adjust colors, and optimize your videos, you can produce almost professional quality videoes. It includes an automatic editing feature as well, but most editors love adding special effecsts, dissolves, intros/outros, and more.

What adds to the Windows Store edition of this app, is the ability to share those videos to social channels. Users when done with their videos, can share them to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

If you are serious about video editing, this $89.95 app is yours. It has a free trial available, and its worth checking out.


Published: Friday, December 8th, 2017 Last Modified: December 8, 2017

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