Edit Photos With Ease With Photo Editor Suite

Many of us take pictures with our cell phones and tablets, but once it comes to thinking about editing them, we leave them on the phone and forget about it. On Windows 10, a new photo editor has arrived, making it easy to edit your photos and more.

Photo Editor Suite is a new Windows 10 app, and it is one of the many photo editing apps on the Windows Store. But, where this app ranks higher than the others, is with filters, images, and other dynamic effects which make photos shine.

Give Your Photos Effects Upgrade With Photo Editor Suite On Windows 10

Filters Filters Filters

When you load up the Photo Editor Suite, you will first notice that it has over 45 different photo filters to enjoy. You can add color, give your photos a vintage look, or make photos look absolutely better than ever before.

You can start by searching for a photo, and then start editing it with photo effects. You won’t be able to necessarily edit the photos with this app, but the different filters make the photos more elaborate and newer than ever.

Filters Shine Bright With Windows 10 App: Photo Editor Suite

Editing With Filters Makes Photos Shine

With the eight different catagories of photo filters, you can make your photos look more chromatic, give them a black & white look, a sketched look, a vintage look, a vector look, a vignette appearance, an antique feel, or lastly a warmer/cooler look.

All you need to do, is to import your image, choose the filter that you want to apply to the photo, and shine. You will see the photos updated in seconds, and you can save them to your computer, or share on social media accounts.

Photo Editor Suite is free, and on the Windows Store. If you love photo effects & filters, try this one, and have fun with your photos.

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Published: Thursday, May 26th, 2016 Last Modified: May 26, 2016

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