Early View Of Windows 10 Dark Theme Previewed

While Windows 10 is still in a technical preview, more about the upcoming release is becoming known via leaks. Microsoft is still a few weeks away from the consumer press preview, but on Friday left users drooling. A leak about the Windows 10 new browser and dark theme intriged users.

Microsoft is looking to release a new browser in Windows 10 aka Spartan, and that browser got shown off via leaks out of China. These early preview images are still a ways away from the general release, but it shows off what Windows 10 can be, and most likely will be later this year.

Microsoft's Spartan Browser Gets Early Preview In Leaked Images

Windows 10 Spartan Browser

While not a lot has been leaked about the Windows 10 browser codenamed Spartan, the early preview shows that it is a very basic browser. It’s meant to be a minimal browser with full functionality, and one that is the bright point of Windows 10. Its simplistic view means that IE and Chrome have competition.

The images of the latest Windows 10 leak from the Chinese site Cnbeta, also show Spartan getting digital inking support to share and annotate web pages. Additionally, deep Cortana integration will be rolled out with it, meaning that users can open web pages and open tabs just using their voice with Spartan.

Microsoft's Dark Theme For Windows 10 Leakd Via Chinese Site Cnbeta

Dark Theme Shown Off

In addition to the Spartan browser leak, images around a possible dark theme were also leaked out on Friday. It’s similar to the Windows Phone experience, and its still being tweaked by the UI professionals at Microsoft. A dark taskbar, tweaked desktop apps, and a new Xbox app are all the future of Windows 10.

A dark theme for Windows 10 could be a very interesting thing, and it can differentiate itself from other operating systems. A darker theme could get more to use it over Mac OS, Linux, and other operating systems due to its dark theme. Making an OS look different is something minor, but still something amazing.

Windows 10 is looking better and better as the images are leaked. We will see the final version soon we hope.

Published: Sunday, January 11th, 2015 Last Modified: January 11, 2015

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