Early Specs On Microsoft HoloLens Battery Leak

Easily, one of Microsoft’s most interesting products of 2015 was their Microsoft HoloLens technology. Its immersive AI universe gives many different users amazing views of technology. On Monday, news about its battery leaked early.

In a YouTube video released over the weekend, one of Microsoft’s Technical Evangelists talked about the HoloLens battery and its intra-device technology. The video was posted early, but has since been taken down.

Microsoft Gives Users A Peak At Hololens In New York Display

HoloLens Battery

In his speech, Bruce Harris talked about the HoloLens and its battery life in some detail. The HoloLens is expected to have 5.5 hours and under heavy usage down to 2.5 hours. This could cause some concerns with users.

The limited battery life could mean shortened times for users to enjoy the immersive HoloLens experience, but could lead to increased batteries down the line. It’s still an experimental product and not yet released as well.

How It Will Work

In this speech, the HoloLens was described as something that was untethered to Windows 10, and anything that uses WiFi or Bluetooth will connect to it. This gives a wide number of devices possible support for it.

Microsoft Gives Peaks On HoloLens Specs and Battery Life

The field of view is expected to be that of a 15-inch monitor from two feet away. It’s expected to increase with battery life and visual quality as software updates get released. It is only being shown in New York in a showcase for developers currently.

The HoloLens is going to be groundbreaking technology from Microsoft. Users will have to wait for it to fully evolve before deciding if its for them or not though.

Published: Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 Last Modified: January 20, 2016

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