Early Launch Date: The Windows 8 Release Preview Is Arriving Today?

windows 8 Release Preview available today

Microsoft is breaking promises for all the right reasons, as the Windows 8 Release Previews launches today.

May 31 has suddenly become an important day for Windows 8 news, because its Release Preview launches today

We were all expecting next week to be the time when Windows 8’s Release Preview launches, perhaps around June 4, as Microsoft said the first week of June would be the date for the next preview. Well, that looks to have been scrapped: new sources, and Microsoft itself, have said the Preview is launching … today!

Today is the final day of May, so Microsoft will launch the Preview outside of the June window. A Chinese version of the build has already leaked, and is available to download, though as I reported yesterday I don’t really see the point of downloading a foreign version of the OS when it’s going to be releasing soon. Good job you didn’t waste your time.

The Verge’s source, who confirmed the revised date, said the Release Preview will come with the rumored built-in Flash for Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft apparently had access to the source code, ensuring users won’t need to download the add-on. If you remember, Microsoft committed to HTML5 but backtracked when saying Flash was a key part of the internet.

Microsoft Announces Release Preview a Day Early

However, Microsoft itself confirmed the date: a vice president at Microsoft – Chuck Chan – accidentally made a blog post yesterday saying the Release Preview is available for download. He said the team was excited to make the Release Preview available on the Windows Dev Center, and would launch the blog alongside the Preview to give users a look into how Windows 8 is being built.

The Dev blog will be posted by members of development team, such as engineers, who will discuss why and how PCs and devices are built for Windows 8. A key part of Microsoft’s strategy is to have a range of devices running the upcoming operating system.

I’m guessing that post will, again, go live. I don’t know when, but the post was marked at 3:26PM. That may be an approximation, but I wouldn’t read into it: it’s probably just a rough window. Whenever it goes live, we’ll have the news right here. Stay tuned.


Published: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 Last Modified: May 31, 2012

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